Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a non-surgical scalp grooming, for male and female both. In this method, natural pigments are applied in the epidermal level of the scalp. It replicates the natural appearance of real hair follicles! As this method uses the natural pigments, you do not have to worry about the looks of your hair. Moreover, at AEENA Youth Clinic, all procedures of scalp pigmentation are carried away very carefully and produce very higher success rates. This method can be performed on any person with any type of hair loss.

Key benefits of Scalp Micro Pigmentation:

Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure has many advantages to offer. A highlight of the major benefits is:

  • ​Full hair look: This method gives you a look of full hair on the head. Moreover, you get a youthful look as well.
  • Alopecia symptoms hide: Scalp micro pigmentation can successfully camouflage every kind of signs of alopecia.
  • Marks and scars: Moreover, this treatment can also hide effectively the scars and birthmarks on your head.

How does the procedure work?

The major purpose of this method of treatment is to inject natural pigment to the scalp. Technically, what happens during the procedure is a cartridge containing 3 needles, which work in collaboration, are gently injected into the 2nd dermal skin layer. Thus, the natural pigment is introduced to the scalp. This procedure is relatively new compared to other conventional methods. Our experts at AEENA Youth Clinic are qualified and experienced in performing this therapy.

Your expectations from the treatment:

Scalp micro pigmentation is a clinically trusted method to work effectively on every kind of baldness and hair loss. Thus, once the procedure is performed at AEENA Youth Clinic by our experts, you can trust for the optimum results. The natural pigment used in the procedure lead to the formation of natural looking hair follicles. You can regain your confidence and live your life with youthful joy. To book a session with AEENA Youth Clinic experts, you can use our website form or phone numbers.

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